Ras Moshe Burnett

Ras Moshe Burnett- Jazz/New Music-Tenor Saxophone and Flute – Brooklyn NY

Ras Moshe Burnett comes from Brooklyn NY (3-22-68) and has been playing Saxophones since nine years of age. His Grandfather and Father were Jazz saxophonists in the Brooklyn area.

He started playing with roots Reggae bands in 1984, forming his own Jazz ensembles in 1987 to the present, mostly in the avant-garde idiom.

Ras started on Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone and Flute, switching to Tenor Sax in 1992. He began a music series called “Music Now!” in 1999 that continues today, originally at The Brecht Forum and now at The Brooklyn Commons.

He believes in the positive effect that new music can have on social and personal change.