XFest was hosted by 119 Gallery at 119 Chelmsford St., Lowell MA from 2008 to 2013.

2012 Lowell

Friday, February 24, 2012

Per the program, but actual arrangements were different based on cancelations and delays

8:00pm. Sean Ali (double bass), Brad Henkel (trumpet), Noell Dorsey (voice, keyboard)

8:30pm. Dustin Carlson (guitar), Bonnie Kane (reeds), Bill Bacon (drums), Kate Lee (bass)

9:00pm. Shayna Dulberger (double bass), Valerie Kuehne (cello), Rick Breault (laptop), Curt Newton (drums)

9:30pm. Ellwood Epps (trumpet), Al Margolis (laptop), Todd Brunel (bass clarinet), Andrea Pensado (laptop)

10:00pm. Dave Grollman (snare drum), Jeffrey Young (violin), Michael F. Dailey Jr. (voice, guitar, drums), Ryan Scott (keyboard)

10:30pm. Tom Hamilton (electronics), Andy Allen (reeds), Flandrew Fleisenberg (percussion), Junko Fujiwara (cello)

11:00pm. Emile Mouchous (electronics), Peter Negroponte (percussion), Arkm Foam (cassettes), Abram Taber (bass, electronics)

11:30pm. Chris Welcome (guitar), Mike Fun (analog synth), Frank Turek (reeds), Jules Vasylenko (bamboo saxophone)

12:00am. Dave Miller (drums), Ras Moshe Burnette (reeds), Darek Beckvold (reeds), Dei Xhrist (voice, electronics)

Movement: Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Aisha Cruse, Betty Wang

Video: Katherine Liberovskaya, Dr. T

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2:00pm. Rick Breault (laptop), Walter Wright (drums), Derek Fenner (reading), Ryan Gallagher (reading)

2:45pm. Shayna Dulberger (bass), Chris Welcome (guitar), Ras Moshe Burnette (flute), Paul Marion (reading), Dave Robinson (reading)

3:30pm. LMNo: Lucio Megenon (guitar), Steve Norton (reeds)

4:15pm. Sunshine Soldier: Dustin Carlson (guitar). Brad Henkel (trumpet), Dave Miller (drums)

5:00pm. Audrey Chen (voice, cello), Valerie Kuehne (voice, cello)

8:00pm. Bonnie Kane (reeds, electronics), Marc Bisson (prepared guitar), Lou Cohen (laptop), Josh Jefferson (reeds)

8:30pm. Audrey Chen (cello), Dave Miller (drums), Steve Norton (reeds), Dave Seidel (electronics)

9:00pm. Dustin Carlson (guitar), Emilie Mouchous (electronics), Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin), Crank Sturgeon (himself)

9:30pm. Sean Ali (double bass), Chris Welcome (guitar), Lou Bunk (audio flimflammery), Id M theft able (himself)

10:00pm. Brad Henkel (trumpet), Al Margolis (laptop), Jed Speare (laptop), Mickey O-Hara (sax, electronics)

10:30pm. Valerie Kuehne (cello), Andrew Neumann (laptop, electronics)

11:00pm. Tom Hamilton (electronics), Eric Stewart (guitar), Karen Langlie (cello)

11:30pm. Elwood Epps (trumpet), Ras Moshe Burnette (reeds), Kit Demos (double bass, electronics), Forbes Graham (trumpet, electronics)

12:00am. Shayna Dulberger (double bass), Lucio Menegon (guitar), Luther Gray (drums), Angela Sawyer (suitcase of acoustic delights)

12:30am. Dave Grollman (snare drum), Nick Colella (guitar), Kristen Elisabeth (bass), Kevin Frenette (guitar)

Movement: Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Aisha Cruze, Teresa Czepiel, Paul Kafka-Gibbons, Betty Wang

Video: Gregory Kowalski, HEXbeam, Katherine Liberovskaya

Sunday, February 26, 2012

2:00pm. Emilie Mouchous (electronics), Crank Sturgeon (electronics), Id M theft able (electronics)

2:45pm. Audrey Chen (cello)

3:00pm. Ouroborus: Bill Bacon (drums), Dave Seidel (electronics), Gregory Kowalski (live video manipulation)

3:30pm. One-Armed Mist: Arkm Foam (cassettes), Michael F. Dailey Jr. (drums), Walter Wright (electronics, drums)

4:00pm. Grau Garten: Marc Bisson (guitar), Gregory Kowalski (live video manipulation), Steve Norton (reeds, percussion), Morgan Evans-Weiler (violin)

4:30pm. Guerilla Toss: Andy Allen (sax), Simon Hanes (bass), Ian Kovac (synth), Peter Negroponte (drums), Adrian Shaflee (guitar)

5:15pm. Nenakata: Eric Stewart (guitar), Olivia Close (bass, drums), Anthony Richerdz (drums, bass), Walter Wright (electronics, drums)

2011 Lowell

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Performers: Abram Taberl, A-J Cornell, Al Margolis, Alex Obert, Alyshia Lien, Andrea Pensado, Angela Sawyer, Ben Farley, Betty Wang, Chris Welcome, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Crank Sturgeon, Dave Grollman, Dave Miller, Dave Robinson, Dave Ross, Dei Xhrist, Derek Beckvold, Derek Fenner, Dustin Carlson, Dr. T, Émilie Mouchous, Eric Dahlman, Eric Sack, Flandrew Fleisenberg, Frank Turek, Gilbert Gandia, Sophia Marshall, Greg Kowalski, HEXBeam, Id M Theft Able, Jed Speare, Joe Burgio, Joe Moffet, Johnny McLellan, Josh Bakers, Jules Vasylenko, Kit Demos, Lou Bunk, Lou Cohen, Lucio Menegon, Marc Bisson, Mia Friedman, Michael F. Dailey Jr., Karen Langlie, Kit Demos, Lou Bunk, Lou Cohen, Marc Bisson, Mark dwinell, Matt Plummer, Mia Friedman, Michael F. Dailey Jr., Mike Fun, Morgan Evans-Weiler, Nick Colella, Nick Egersheim, Olivia Close, Ras Moshe Burnette, Rick Breault, Ruth Lepson, Ryan Gallagher, Ryan Scott, Setheyny Loeb-Pen, Shawn Dailey, Shayna Dulberger, Teresa Czepiel, Tom Hamilton, Valerie Kuehne, Walter Wright

2010 Lowell

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Exhibit curated by Shayna Dulberger, featuring works by Ebenezar Archer King, Josh Jefferson, Id M theft able, Frank Turek, Donald O’Finn

Friday, February 26, 2010

Per the program, but actual arrangements were different based on cancelations and delays

8:00pm. Gordon Allen (trumpet), MitchelKA (home-brew instruments), Josh Baker (bicycle wheel), Dave Gross (sax), Claire Elizabeth Barratt (movement)

8:30pm. Audrey Chen (cello, electronics & voice), Seth Bailin (percussion), Josh Jefferson (sax), Karlheinz (electronics)

9:00pm. Shayna Dulberger (double bass), Marc Bisson (prepared guitar), Jennifer Brunell (noise violin), Ellen Godena (movement)

9:30pm. Tom Hamilton (electronics), Mark Dwinell (monochord), Lou Choen (laptop), Karen Langlie (cello & electronics)

10:00pm. Katt Hernandez (violin), Andrew Renault-Caragianes (bass), Joe Livolsi (drums), Max Lord (electronics), Teresa Czepiel (movement)

10:30pm. Al Margolis (laptop), Patrick Cassidy (drums), Dei Xhrist (voice), Whit Love (guitar)

11:00pm. Dave Miller (drums), Ras Moshe Burnette (sax), Degan Clinton (guitar), Steve Norton (bass clarinet)

11:30pm. Matt Plummer (trombone), Olivia Close (bass), Joe Moffet (trumpet), John McLellan (drums)

12:00am. Chris Welcome (guitar), Lou Bunk (objects), Nick Colella (guitar), Kit Demos (double bass), Setheyny Pen (drums), Joe Burgio (movement)

12:30am. Emilie Mouchous (electronics), Dylan Clark (guitar), Andrea Pensado (laptop), Andy Phelps (electronics)

Video: Dr. T, Steve Albert, Eric Sack, John McKusck

Saturday, Feb 27, 2010

10:00am Sound workshop with Jon Glancy and Abram Taber

2:00pm. Al Margolis (laptop), Tom Hamilton (electronics), Jed Speare (laptop), Gordon Allen (trumpet)

2:45pm Shayna Dulberger (double bass), Joshua Jefferson (sax), Flandrew Fleisenberg (percussion), Joe Burgio (movement), Paul Kafka-Gibbons (movement)

3:30pm. Audrey Chen (cello, electronics & voice), Vijlam Nybacka (bass), Katt Hernandez (violin), Id M theft able (objects & voice), Emilie Mouchous (electronics), Claire Elizabeth Barratt (movement)

4:15pm. Dave Miller (drums), Ras Moshe Burnette (sax), Matt Plummer (trombone), Chris Welcome (guitar), Kit Demos (double bass), Joe Burgio (movement)

Live painting: Corey Felt, Rick Stec, Michael F. Dailey, Setheyny Pen

7:00pm. Video screening by Donald O’Finn

8:00pm. Emilie Mouchous (electronics), Gabriel Cruser (drums), Eric Dahlman (trumpet), Matt Samolis (flute), Joe Burgio (movement)

8:30pm. Chris Welcome (guitar), Michael F. Dailey Jr. (drums), Patrick Shaughnessy (keyboard), Eric Stewart (guitar)

9:00pm. Matt Plummer (trombone), Shawn Dailey (keyboard), Viljam Nybacka (bass), Vic Rawlings (cello & electronics), Claire Elizabeth Barratt (movement)

9:30pm. Dave Miller (drums), Mark Dwinell (monochord), Brandon Downs (bass), Jessica Rylan (analog synth)

10:00pm. Al Margolis (laptop), Flandrew Fleisenberg (percussion), Angela Sawyer (objects & voice), Jed Speare (laptop)

10:30pm. Katt Hernandez (violin), Ben Farley (guitar), Lauren Strobel (trumpet), Crank Sturgeon (electronics & voice)

11:00pm. Tom Hamilton (electronics), Ras Moshe Burnette (sax), Andy Fordyce (drums), Abram Taber (bass)

11:30pm. Shayna Dulberger (double bass), Kevin Frenette (guitar), Mike Fun (analog synth), Id M theft able (objects & voice)

12:00am. Audrey Chen (cello, electronics & voice), Andy Funaro (drums), Frank Turek (sax), John Voigt (bass)

12:30am. Gordon Allen (trumpet), Jon Glancy (drums), Forbes Graham (trumpet), Viljam Nybacka (bass), Jingjing Zhou (keyboard)

Video: Gregory Kowalskim Katherine Liberovskaya

Sunday, February 28, 2010

10:00am. Movement workshop with Joe Burgio

2:00pm. Apocalypso trio: Joe Burgio, Shayna Dulberger, Walter Wright

2:30pm. Skinny Vinny: Josh Jefferson, Flandrew Fleisenberg

3:00pm. Bidrorgan: Marc Bisson, Dei Xhrist, Mike Fun, Michael F. Dailey Jr.

3:30pm. Ladderlegs: Eric Stewart, Ben Farley, Olivia Close, Patrick Cassidy

4:00pm. Sinbusters: Nick Colella, Jennifer Brunelle, Patrick Shaughnessy, Seth Bailin

4:30pm. Structured improv led by Jon Glancy & Abe Taber

2009 Lowell

Six months after the proto-XFest, Walter invited local musicians to play with visiting and touring performers in February – the opposite end of the year from the Lowell Folk Festival. This was the first opportunity for many performers to see, play, and talk with others that they had missed due to their own performing schedules.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYWeNNilpkY

Awesome commercial by Seth Balin

Performers: Andrea Blesso, Andrea Pensado, Andy Fordyce, Audrey Chen, Bobbie Parent, Brandon Downs, Chris Wilcome, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Crank Sturgeon, Dave Ross, Deban Clinton, Dei Xhrist, Elwood Epps, Dr. T, Eric Sack, Ethan Costello, Evan Lipson, Flandrew Fleisenberg, Forbes Graham, Frank Turek, Gabriel Cruser, Gregory Kowalski, Id M Theft Able, Joe Burgio, Joe Moffett, John Voigt, Jon Glancy, Josh Jefferson, Mike Fun, Mitchel K. Ahern, Nicole Bindler, Olivia Close, Phil Reese, Ras Moshe Burnette, Ryan McGuire, Seth Bailin, Shayna Dulberger, Steve Albert, Teresa Czepiel, Vic Rawlings, Walter Wright

2008 Lowell

The origin of XFest: struck by the lack of local talent booked for the Lowell Folk Fest, Walter Wright invited local bands to the 119 Gallery to play our own folk festival.