2014 Holyoke

Gateway City Arts, 92 Race St., Holyoke MA

119 Gallery was joined by Open Field Initiative. The format is 20 half hour sets, 10 a night, with 20+ visiting artists and 60 locals. Then it’s the visitors regular bands and a Sunday not-so-wind-down of local combos.

DJ: Robo Rob; movement: Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio; video: Katherine Liberovskaya

Video search: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=x+fest+2014+holyoke

Friday, February 21

8:20pm.    Jill Burton, Jane Boxall, Dei Xhrist, Shorty Mc

Saturday, February 22

2:45pm.    Heavy Fragile: Allison Lorenzen, Sam Tremble

Leftovers Diable: David Douglas Dion, Alex Pelchat


Sunday, February 23

Chill City Icon: Kevin Davey, Travis Hagan, Brett Mason

Egg, Eggs!: Jen Gelineau, Miss Olivia Kennett, Ted Lee, Shorty Mc, Brett Renaud, David Russell

Supported by 119 Gallery, the artists, Holyoke Local Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.