2018 Boston

Dorchester Art Project  1486 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02122

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Friday, February 23

DJ: Robo Rob; MC: Tooky; Video: Katherine Liberovskaya, Christopher Konopka, Walter Wright 

Brendan Landis (guitar), Elizabeth Karp/Psychadelic Snakeskin (tapes, electronics), Jackson Kovalchik/CASAS (electronics), Heather Downing Purcell (guitar), Crescent Malavet (electronics) 

Allison O (electronics), Michael Peters (vocals, electronics), Al Margolis (violin, electronics), Chris Strunk (percussion), Asimina Chremos (movement), Kristen Stake (movement)

 Slippy (guitar, electronics), Michael Barrett (electronics), Mitchel K Ahern (electronics), Matthew Azevedo (electronics) 

Andrew Neumann (electronics, video), Lou Bunk (styrofoam, contact mics), Jeffrey Young (violin), Frank Turek (sax), Duane Ingalls (banjo, voice, percussion), Ian Kovac (synth, upright bass)

Caroline DeCunzo (Electronics), Stella Silbert (bass, Synth), Kevin Dacey (percussion, electronics), Joe Brown (electronics), Alex Pelchat (Guitar)

Joe Burgio (movement), Em Kaldenbaugh (electronics, voice), Bonnie Kane (sax, flute, electronics), Sean Saman (electronics), Angela Sawyer (voice, electronics), Crank Sturgeon (himself)

Shogo Haraguchi (bass, electronics), Ophra Wolf (movement), Neil Horsky (percussion, contact mic), Alex Derderian (puppets, video, electronics)

Craig Chin (guitar, electronics), Liam Kramer-White (electronics), Max Hamel (electronics), Ras Moshe Burnette (tenor sax, soprano sax and flutes)

Dave Grollman (percussion), Nico Tracy (electronics), Id M Theft Able (mouth stuff), Steve Norton (saxophones), Hiroshi Mehata (electronics, voice)

Tara Toms/J$fur  (voice), Robin Meeker-Cummings (electronics), Scott Prato (guitar), Joe Mygan (electronics)

Saturday, February 24 – workshops

Noon – 5pm. Performance: Məˈtänəmē colləctive dichotomizes the empty places, voids in contemporary memory, which have been obscured by layers of constructed mythologies. Through experimental performances, we resurrect the shadows, memories of generations past, in order to revive a forgetful present. Our current project, Memory Flow , delves into the human and natural displacement in the region inhabited by the Quabbin Reservoir (the source of Boston’s drinking water). It would be our honor to perform Memory Flow, in the form of an interactive/collaborative event, at Xfest. This event will explore the forced depopulation of the Quabbin region in the colonial period and when the Metropolitan Water Board first built the reservoir in the 1930s. We will cite themes of water consumption, the sounds of depopulation, water protection, environmental destruction, gentrification, among others.

Noon – 1pm. Exploding Songs workshop by EarthsEdgeArts. Teams choose a simple song (any kind, we’ll have some “lead-sheets” if needed) and apply their methods/instruments to it & perform it after 5 min huddles.

1pm – 2pm.   Interpretive Art Game by Music as a Second Language (Neil Horsky) – A Surrealist-style chain game with improvised music and visual scores. 

 2pm – 4pm. Cyborgish Collage Hosted by Asimina Chremos. There is more to XFest than sound. The performances are interesting to look at as well. There are boxes, tables, wires, blinking lights, and our bodies. In this workshop we will take some time appreciate how our instrumental setups and objects make sculptures and scenic designs that we can play with and be part of.

Saturday, February 24 – Performances

DJ: Robo Rob; MC: Sneff Grusso; Video: Katherine Liberovskaya, Jonas Bers, Walter Wright, Christopher Konopka, Victoria Shen 

Kat Dobbins (trombone), Nico Tracy (electronics), Nick Rocco (tapes, electronics), Chris Strunk (percussion), Lilian Martin (electronics), Duane Ingalls (voice, percussion, banjo)

Allison O (electronics), Heather Downing Purcell (guitar), Jackson Kovalchik (electronics), Liam Kramer-White (electronics), Dr. T (movement), Jim Banta (movement)

David Johnston (electronics), Shogo Haraguchi (bass, electronics), Id M theft able (mouth stuff), Alex Derderian (puppets, electronics), Elizabeth Karp (tapes, electronics)

Andrew Neumann (electronics, video), Layne Garrett (guitar, electronics), Michael Barrett (electronics), Em Kaldenbaugh (electronics, voice), Crank Sturgeon (himself)

Ophra Wolf (movement), Federico Balducci (guitar), Asimina Chremos (movement), Steve Norton (saxophones), Michael Peters (vocals, electronics), Kevin Dacey (percussion, electronics) 

Al Margolis (violin, electronics), Sam Potrykus (bass, electronics), Brendan Landis (guitar), Max Hamel (electronics), Joe Burgio (movement)

Neil Horsky (percussion, contact mics), Sean Saman (electronics), Paul Kafka-Gibbons (movement), Joe Mygan (electronics)

Crescent Malavet (electronics), Craig Chin (guitar, electronics), Robin Meeker-Cummings (electronics), Jada Yvette (sitar), Ian Kovac (synth, upright bass)

Mitchel K Ahern (electronics), Matthew Azevedo (electronics), Angela Sawyer (voice, electronics), David Grollman (percussion), Scott Mizrachi (guitar, bass, percussion)

Scott Prato (guitar), Frank Turek (sax), Slippy (guitar, electronics), Joe Brown (electronics), Tara Toms/J$fur 

Bonnie Kane (sax, flute, electronics), Ras Moshe Burnette (tenor sax, soprano sax and flutes), Em Kaldenbaugh (electronics, voice), Hiroshi Mehata (electronics, voice), Alex Pelchat (guitar)

Sunday, February 25

MC: Alaina

DJ: Mickey O’Hara (Worcester MA)

12:00 Tough Day Tubing – Al Margolis, Crank Sturgeon, Steve Norton and Walter Wright plus Asimina Chermos and friends

12:30 Max Hamel, Ras Moshe Burnette, Victoria Shen, Ophra Wolf

1:00 EarthsEdge

1:30 Bonnie Kane

2:00 Emu – Joe Burgio and Paul Kafka-Gibbons (Cambridge MA)

2:30 Jazz Massagers (Jamiaca Plain MA)

3:00 Peace Loving (Western MA)

3:30 Arty $lang (Lowell MA) 

4:00 A Campbell Payne (Boston MA)

4:30 Gaiamamoo – Hiroshi Mehata, Shogo Haraguchi (Japan)

5:00 Redux

5:30 Bird Consent