2017 Holyoke

Holyoke City Hall, Holyoke MA

Friday, March 3

Saturday, March 4


1:00pm.    Societal Implications of Improvisation: Walter Wright. Are artists the canaries in the cultural coal mine? Thankfully no, otherwise they’d all have dropped dead by now. However, artists and the arts are something of a barometer and, at the same time, something of a pain in the ass. “Whatever goal is set for art eventually proves restrictive, matched against the widest goals of consciousness. Art, itself a form of mystification, endures a succession of crises of demystification; older artistic goals are assailed and, ostensibly, replaced; outworn maps of consciousness are redrawn.” – Susan Sontag, The Aesthetics of Silence. Traditionally composition precede performance. The composer communicates his or her vision across time by means of a ‘score.’ The score is interpreted, rehearsed and finally, performed for an audience. Improvisation is composition in real time. In improvisation there is no score in a traditional sense, no interpretation. Without a traditional score, what is there to prepare, to rehearse?

2:00pm.    Simple-structure acoustic playtime: Duane Ingalls, EJ Hampson.

3:00pm.    Moving/sounding the inner/outer child: simple/comples is work/play: Loren Groenendaal.

4:00pm.    Space Balm Ritual: Asimina Chremos.

Sunday, March 5

Bonnie Kane, Walter Wright duo

Les Trois Etoiles: Duane Ingalls, EJ Hampson

EMU: Joe Burgio, Paul Kafka-Gibbons

Peter Cassino Art Ensemble: Peter Cassino, Dei Xhrist, Todd BrunelGlynis Loman

Id M theft able, Asimina Chremos, Loren Groenendaal, Kristen Stake ensemble

Donkey No No

Weeping Bong Band