Performers listed alphabetically by first name.


Abdul Hamid Sherzai

Guitar. (Worcester MA)

Bandcamp, Soundcloud

Abram Taber

At the tender age of 3, Abram Taber ripped open a cardboard box with a plastic toy screwdriver to get at the ukulele within.  Throughout the next 33 years of his life, Abram has worked towards that same goal: unleashing sounds with whatever tools are available. (Philadelphia PA); Facebook

Adam Bohman

…has been operating on the outer fringes of underground music for decades. Working with home-build instruments, found objects, tape cut-ups, collages, ink drawings and graphic scores. Favouring acoustic sounds over electronics, he explores the minute tendrils of sounds coaxed from any number of non-musical instruments and objects. He is a member of British experimental groups Morphogenesis, The Bohman Brothers, Secluded Bronte, and the London Improvisors Orchestra. Adam’s music is unique and experimental, incorporating Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation. (London UK)


Adam Bosse

Guitar. (MA)

Adam Matlock

Adam works as an accordionist, composer, and vocalist living and working in New Haven, CT. Matlock writes songs under the name An Historic, building narratives accompanies by musical inspirations from Balkan music and Klezmer, Soul, and various strains of rock. An Historic exists as a solo project, but is reinforced live and on record with the members of Dr. Caterwaul’s Cadre of Clairvoyant Claptraps, a folky/jazzy band adding trombone/fiddle/banjo and accordion to the standard rock instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums. He also composes under his own name, most notably the opera Red Giant (2014) for 6-piece ensemble and three singers, and Earthseed Songs (2012) for voice and two instrumentalists. Matlock also began to expand his role as a performer in 2009, playing original music and interpretations with projects including Broadcloth and Gzara. He has recorded, performed, or improvised with artists including Anthony Braxton, Mario Pavone, Ceschi, Vinny Golia, Sigh, and Clara Engel, and works as a music teacher. (New Haven CT), Bandcamp

Adam Tinkle

Member of Seven Count: comprised of three multidisciplinary artists – Adam Tinkle (sax, visuals, electronics), Angus McCullough (trumpet, visuals, electronics), Jake Nussbaum (Drums) with backgrounds in disparate media, Seven Count came together in 2016 to investigate the experiential, spiritual, and political efficacies of sound. We view improvisation not just as a way of making art, but as an ethical response to deep listening, presence in the moment, and being in relation to others.

Adrian Shaflee

Adrian Northover

Adrian records with B Shops for the Poor, The Remote Viewers, Sonicphonics (with Billy Bang), The London Improvisors Orchestra, Ensemble Trip-Tik, Anna Homler, Ricardo Tejero, John Edwards, The Custodians, and various duo CDs with Adam Bohman, Tasos Stamou, Daniel Thompson and others. He has performed at many international festivals, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Sound Symposium, Victoriaville, Leipzig Jazz Festival, Tallin Festival, Arkangel Jazz, Freedom Of The City and others. Current projects include ‘Hard Evidence’ with John Edwards and Steve Noble, Vladimir Miller Quartet, Hogcallin’, a septet playing the music of Charles Mingus, and a trio with Marcio Mattos and Marilza Gouvea; also projects with Neil Metcalf (flute), Sue Lynch (sax), Jean-Michel Can Schouwburg (voice), Vladimir Tarasov (drums), Tristian Honsinger (cello), Marcello Magliocchi (drums), Phil Gibbs (guitar) and Maresuke Okamoto (cello). Recent CD releases include ‘Ag’ with Steve Noble & Daniel Thompson, Five and Four by the Runcible Quintet, Last Man In Europe (Remote Viewers), The Dinner Part with Vlad Miller and Pierpaolo Martino, Wintertide (Notes From Underground, Moribund Mules and Musket Fire (The Custodians). Adrian is also involved with Indian music (Jazz Thali), works with live music for film (Ensemble Kino), and helps run the Horse Improvised Music Club. (London UK)

Afroditi Psarra

Multidisciplinary artist working in the intersection of electronic textiles and physical computing with sound art. Her research focuses on the merging of science fiction ideas with poetic representations and performative practices, traditional crafting methodologies with engineering and electronics, the art and science interaction with a critical discourse in the creation of artifacts. She is an assistant professor in the Center for Digital Arts & Experimental Media (DXARTS) of the University of Washington in Seattle, and a noisemaker immersing herself in textural landscapes. (Seattle WA USA, Athens GR)

Aisha Cruse

Dance. (Boston MA)


A-J Cornell

(Montréal, Québec CA); Facebook

Al Margolis

Al Margolis is a composer/performer, improvisor, and painter. Since 1984, often under his project name If, Bwana, he has worked in the field of non-commercial, non-popular music and sound. (Chester NY),, Bandcamp

Alessandro Maione/Metaphysical Interior Design

Pseudo-cryptozoologist soap box barker accompanied by a modular synth, some home-made instruments, and a guitar played mostly-well. (Shelton CT)

Alex Cohen

Alex Obert

Bassist, composer, founder of Hollow Bones, Anglers of the Omniverse, and other collaborations. (New York NY)


Alex Pelchat

Guitar. (Montreal QC)


Alex Renner

(Stamford CT)

Facebook, Twitter

Alexandra Derderian

Visual artist and videographer; Alex earned her BFA from University of Massachusetts Lowell with concentration in Painting and a minor in Creative Writing. She makes comedy videos, does improv performances, puppet shows, and plays drums in Inspector 34 and Table Trash. (Lowell MA), YouTube, Bandcamp

Alexis Desjardins

Member of Violet Nox. (Boston MA)


Allie Berger

Allie Berger is curious about the many manifestations and meanings of bodies moving in space–creatively, functionally, socially. She is especially interested in the blurring of boundaries in the ways that the everyday becomes performative and the performative becomes integrated into the everyday. Her research takes place through exploring and creating dance movement as well as in her academic work as a Ph.D. student at Syracuse University. Allie earned a B.A. in Dance at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, after which she co-directed the Harrisburg, PA based Third Space Dance Company (TSD). After TSD dissolved, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an M.A. in Yoga Studies. Her current academic work focuses on women’s embodied practices of yoga, dance, and activism in contemporary India. Creatively, she is working through the possibilities and restrictions of creating solo work, especially as a process and product of mundane self-transformation. (Syracuse NY)

Facebook; YouTube

Allison Lorenzen

Allison O / Lure

Sound performance, audio programming, poetry, handmade instruments, electronics. (Boston MA)


Aly Gear/Soggy Doggy/Flubber Boiler

Soggy Doggy was born in a hay storage loft next to a swamp in Western Massachusetts & is currently buried under the task of hoarding air between skin & fascia drumkit, oven rack, & electronics by Charles Noyes (MA, USA) & electronics, guitar, voice, propane tank, silver platters, viola, & glockenspiel by a gear. (Shetland UK);

Alyshia Lien

Amelie Brodeur

Andrea Blesso

Andrea Pensado

After rigorous academic studies as a composer, Pensado finds herself playing frequently at noise shows and improvising with the most aesthetically diverse musicians. This totally unexpected and joyful turn in her life took place very gradually. Nowadays, Pensado uses voice and electronics to make her music. The approach to both, programming and performance is highly intuitive. The harsh cut up noise result, mixed with the strong emotional component of her music, generate a deeply personal language which inevitably gives rise to intense responses in the most varied audiences.  Pensado performs extensively in the US and abroad. She also produces Sonorium, a series of experimental music based in Salem, MA.

“Pensado’s style is all tension and little release – the sound is simply fascinating.” – Ryan Masteller, TABS OUT

“Atlas-level strength / relentless energy / plain joy” – Angela Sawyer, Anathema Archives

Andrea Rios

Andrew Abrahamson

Andrew Conner

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Morelli

Andrew Neumann

Andrew Neumann is an artist an artist who works in a variety of media, including electronic/interactive music photography, video, sculpture, installation. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a LEF Foundation Grant, and others awards. He has been an artist in residence at STEIM, iEAR Studio at RPI, and the Experimental Television Center (now Signal Culture). He has had one-person shows at bitforms Gallery, the DeCordova Museum, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, and solo shows for the Boston Cyberarts Festival. His single channel videos have been shown on PBS, The Worldwide Video Festival, Artist Space, Microscope Gallery. He has had solo music/video performances at Issue Project Room, Experimental Intermedia, Roulette, Spectrum, HOLO, Spektrum, Berlin and Punctum, Prague.He has been an Artist in Residence at Djerassi, Visual Studies Workshop, The MacDowell Colony, YADDO, Ucross Foundation, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Art/OMI. (Boston MA)

Andrew Renault-Caragianes

Andy Allen

Woodwinds. (Western MA)

Andy Crespo

Andy Fordyce

Andy Funaro

Andy Goulet

Andy Phelps

Angela Sawyer

Angela is a nice middle aged lady who mostly does comedy these days but still likes awful noises a lot. Critics around Boston have been walking out of her shows since 1997. (Jamaica Plain MA)

Angus McCullough

Member of Seven Count: comprised of three multidisciplinary artists (Adam Tinkle (sax, visuals, electronics), Angus McCullough (trumpet, visuals, electronics), Jake Nussbaum (Drums) with backgrounds in disparate media, Seven Count came together in 2016 to investigate the experiential, spiritual, and political efficacies of sound. We view improvisation not just as a way of making art, but as an ethical response to deep listening, presence in the moment, and being in relation to others.

Anthony Richerdz

Anton Hunter

Arian Shafiee

Arkm Foam


Armand Bernardi

Arnaud Le Mindu

Guitarist, improviser, and composer. He multiplies musical encounters and experiences. After a jazz and rock based training, he naturally moved on to more experimental musics and free improv, whilst frequently going back to more traditional styles. In other words, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. Performing as a solo artist as well as in various projects, he creates music for dance, theater and videos and collaborates with visual artists. (Le Havre FR)


Ashley Tini

Asimina Chremos

Asimina Chremos is an independent artist and collaborator in dance, fiber arts, and writing. Her performance practice has evolved from classical ballet (she was a dancer with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater in the 1980s) to regular appearances in improvisational contexts with sound-artists and noise musicians. She is currently interested in the effects of aging on the dancing body uses of space and light in performance, and the ongoing problems of functioning as an “artist” in a capitalist economy. Lately been adding live typing with video projector and shadowplay to her repetoire. (Philadelphia PA)

Audrey Chen

A second generation Chinese/Tiawanese-American musician who was born into a family of material scientists, doctors and engineers, outside of Chicago in 1976. Parting ways with the family convention, she turned to the cello at age 8 and voice at 11. After years of classical and conservatory training in both instruments, with a resulting specialization in early and new music, she parted ways again in 2003 to begin new negotiations with sound in order to discover a more individually honest aesthetic.

Since then, using the cello, voice and occasional analog electronics, Chen’s work delves deeply into her own version of narrative and non-linear storytelling. A large component of her music is improvised and her approach to this is extremely personal and visceral. Her playing explores the combination and layering of the homemade analog synthesizer, preparations and traditional and extended techniques in both the voice and cello. She works to join these elements together into a singular ecstatic personal language. (Berlin DE)