2017 UK

YHA Edale Activity Centre, September 8th to the 10th, 2017

Host: Y Sok

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Audrey Chen – voice, cello [Berlin Germany / Baltimore USA]
Rodrigo Constanzo – electro-acoustic instruments [Manchester UK]
Vivienne Corringham – voice [London UK]
Michael F Dailey Jr – drums [Lowell MA USA]
Zach Darrup – guitar [Philadelphia USA]
Mike Funaiole – synthesizer [Lowell MA USA]

Anton Hunter – guitar [Manchester UK]
Bonnie Kane – flute, sax, electronics [Holyoke MA USA]
Emmanuel Lalande – baritone guitar, organ [Le Havre France]
Jeffrey Lipsky – live art [Lowell MA USA]
Sue Lynch – tenor sax, clarinet, flute [London UK]
Al Margolis – clarinet, violin, objects [Chester NY USA]
Arnaud le Mindu – electronics [Le Havre France]
Adrian Northover – soprano sax [London UK]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop [Salem MA USA]
Richard Scott – synthesizer [Berlin Germany]
Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement [Asheville NC USA]
Jack Wright – sax [Philadelphia USA]
Mia Zabelka – violin [Vienna Austria]
Dei Xhrist – voice, electronics [Manchester NH USA]

SCHEDULE (not the final one; there were cancellations)

7:00pm – Audrey Chen
7:45pm – Viv Corringham, Zach Darrup
8:30pm – Michael F Dailey Jr, Bonnie Kane, Andrea Pensado
9:15pm – Anton Hunter, Adrian Northover, Jack Wright, Claire Elizabeth Barratt

2:00pm – Anton Hunter, Emmanuel Lalande, Dei Xhrist
2:45pm – Audrey Chen, Adrian Northover
3:30pm – Michael F Dailey Jr, Sue Lynch, Claire Elizabeth Barratt

4:15pm – Rodrigo Constanzo
7:00pm – Mike Funaiole, Richard Scott
7:45pm – Emmanuel Lalande, Sue Lynch, Dei Xhrist
8:30pm – Arnaud le Mindu
9:15pm – Rodrigo Constanzo, Al Margolis, Mia Zabelka

2:00pm – Mike Funaiole, Bonnie Kane, Andrea Pensado
2:45pm – Richard Scott, Mia Zabelka
3:30pm – Zach Darrup, Arnaud le Mindu, Al Margolis
4:15pm – Viv Corringham, Jack Wright

Jeff Lipsky created live art at all performances.