2022 Glen Spey NY

August 19 – 21, 2022

Private residence, Glen Spey, NY

Organizer: Dei Xhrist

Assist: Tara Toms

As large gatherings in enclosed spaces were still sketchy, XFest moved outdoors for one of the few temperate and dry weekends in ’22. Performers occupied a private house for the weekend, with plenty of time to socialize and catch up after two years.

DJ: Robo Rob

Workshops Saturday 8/20

10-noon – Asimina Chremos – cross-discipline workshop & idea collab
12 – Walter Wright – improv workshop 1
1 – Ophra Wolf – Music and movement: a way in. This workshop is for musicians who want to work with movement, their own or dance/movement collaborators. I’ll be sharing a few common principles used by dancers to relate to space, offering techniques for becoming more aware of your own movement states, and from there, exploring mechanics of embodied relating across time, space and sensory mediums. At the end we’ll put it all away and improvise. Dancers/movers very welcome! Everyone will be invited to do some movement, you’re welcome to participate to the extent of your ability.
2 – Dei Xhrist – improv workshop 2
3 – Caleb Crittendon – DIY: runnin’ a label