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Performers listed alphabetically by first name.


Lali Wilde

…is a multimedia performance artist with leaky ears and teeth that wobble when met with sparkly stuff. From the San Francisco Bay Area, they’re a queer anarchist witch who grew up in the circus. They usually are having about nine different conversations at once—some with spirits from the beyond, most with themself. They are a fanciful collector of dreams, an avid explorer of all things erotic, and merely a blip in the rhizomatic cosmos that is human consciousness. They are currently studying the sociological relevance of pirates and cults at the esteemed Hampshire College.

Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Shop

Lani Ascuncion

Lani Asuncion uses live performance, video, and sound to navigate landscapes and recall personal stories that are constructed into abstract narratives used to explore their identity as a multicultural, biracial womxn. Blending digital media with elements of nature Asuncion constructs interactive environments, like that in their HUMAN GARDEN & BIOSOUNDS series to present alternative perspectives to encourage conversations around green spaces and urbanization. She performs often throughout Boston in public and private spaces, and founded/organize the multimedia event series Digital Soup.


Lauren Strobel

Lauri Amat

Lauri Mc/Shorty MC

Layne Garrett

constraint + intuition. strange tunings + circumstance + things i find on the sidewalk. noise + drift + collapse.

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Leslie Ross

Liam Kramer-White

I use sounds produced by electricity, gravitating towards simple tones and unstable sounds. I am interesting in exploring, psychoacoustics, perception of time, resonance, silence/noise, and social activity/relations through improvisation. (Hadley MA)


Lillian Martin/Mr. Groin

Heavily fatigued industrial noise. Music for boiler rooms. (Billerica MA)


Lindsey Parker

Loren Groenendaal

Loren Groenendaal is a dancer, improviser, choreographer, curator, creative and somatic movement educator based in Philadelphia. She was born in central Pennsylvania and nurtured on a forested mountain. Her love of nature greatly influences her work; she has a pattern of making dances about the patterns in nature through her company, Vervet Dance. She is interested in creating structures that allow for freedom for individuals and connection and adaptation between people. She particularly values dance and music improvisation because it highlights liveness of humans and the fleetingness of everything. She has co-founded many organizations and events in support of improvisation in Philadelphia including: the Mascher Space Cooperative 2005, the Thursday Contact Improvisation Jam 2011, the monthly Philadelphia Underscore and The H-O-T Series of Philadelphia 2013, the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia 2015, monthly Philly Comp Improv Lab 2018 and the Dissolving Doors Festival 2019. She holds a CMA in Laban Movement Analysis and Bartenieff Fundamentals from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies, an MFA in Choreography from UNCG and a BA in Dance and Visual Art from Oberlin College. She teaches creative dance to children and Improvisation for dancers and actors at Muhlenberg College. (Philadelphia PA); Youtube

Loren Strobel

Lorry Kikta

Lou Bunk

An American composer and improviser inspired by many forms of experimental artistic expression. His sonically rich and intricate music investigates sound and silence through extended instrumental techniques, microtones, amplified found objects, electronics, and generative approaches to texture and form. (Somerville MA)

Lou Cohen

From age 11 until his death, Cohen was passionately interested in composing, playing and listening to music. He was always active as a musician regardless of his other activities. In the early 1960s he organized, with Christian Wolff, a series of new music concerts in the Boston area. Later, he studied harpsichord privately and performed many times with young professional musicians and with amateurs of all abilities. For a number of years he was organizer and president of the Wayland Music Workshop, a group that provided amateur musicians of any ability the chance to perform in small, supportive settings.

From 2000 on, he devoted himself to music composition and to the performance of electro-acoustic music. He collaborated with several Boston artists, been involved in theatrical productions, and was co-director of the prominent concert series Opensound.; All About Jazz

Lucio Megenon

Luther Gray