2022 Online

XFest Where you are

Organizer: Walter Wright

Tech Support: Gregory Kowalski

In the interest of continued safety, we will be using an online platform allow performers to work together, apart. Performers will broadcast live from their region using VDO.ninja.

Friday March 4, 2022, 7-9:45pm (GMT-5)

Ras Moshe Burnette (Brooklyn NY)

Dirk Adams and Noelle Dorsey (Non-Event, Somerville MA). This set is in memory of Jules Vasylenko.

Callie Chapman (ArtAssembled, Somerville MA)

Crank Sturgeon (Husolandia, Booth Bay ME)

Saturday March 5, 2022, 2:45pm – 5pm EST (GMT-5)

Pour Les Oiseaux hosted by Emmanuel Lalande with Arnaud le Mindu, Olivier Labbe, Speet Silex (The Bunker, Le Havre France)

Bonnie Kane and John Loggia (118 Elliot Gallery, Brattleboro VT)

Andy Allen, Arkm Foam, and Mickey O’Hara (118 Elliot Gallery, Brattleboro VT)

ArtAssembled with Joe Burgio‘s ensemble inedít! (Somerville MA)

Saturday March 5, 2022, 7-9:45pm (GMT-5)

id m theft able (Portland ME)

Fuse Factory presents hosted by Allison Coleman, with Christopher Appel, bbob drake, and Kristen Ban (Columbus OH)

ArtAssembled: Callie Chapman, Jimena Bermejo, Violet Nox (Somerville MA)

Asimina Chremos, Dave Fell, Loren Groenendaal, Rob Kopki, and Tara Toms (Philadelphia PA)

Sunday March 6, 2022, 2-4:45pm (GMT-5)

Eroteme hosted by Sam Weaver with David Birchal, Francis Comyn, Odie Ji Ghast, and Michael Perrett (Manchester UK)

Pour Les Oiseaux hosted by Emmanuel Lalande: Jean-Paul Buisson, Olivier Labbe, Francois Lebegue, and Arnaud le Mindu(The Bunker, Le Havre France)

CCC hosted by Claire Elizabeth Barratt, with Elisa Faires, Julie Becton Gillum, Diana Brewster, Richard Brewster, and David Barratt (Asheville NC)