Performers – B

Performers listed alphabetically by first name.


Bbob Drake

…makes funny noises with electrical and mechanical things. Once a poet & violin maker, then a maker of lists (project manager), now a pipe organ technician. cooks bean soups and curries. improvisor, electroacoustic luthier, walker, cook, curious fellow. (Cleveland OH)

“Let’s squeeze the juice from our bones” – Basho

Becky Grajeda

An artist working primarily in sound and performance — often using field recordings for sound collages or texts for text-based performances. (Chicago IL)

Ben Alman/The Entire Robot

Electronic Funk Jazz Whatever by “Cowboy” Ben Alman. (Boston MA)

Ben Bennett

All sorts of sounds and performance. (Philadelphia PA)

Ben Farley

aka Packrat aka Benny Antennae aka Benbo Benskie aka Benjelly aka Wetkoff aka David Bell aka Ritual Mania aka Puberte Castrato. (Pittsfield MA) Bandcamp

Ben Flagg/CHORD

“It’s like punk rock ambient” – my coworker. (Methuen MA)

Ben Hersey

Author, physical story teller. (Western MA)

Ben Miller

Sproton Layer 1969-71 (2013 reunion), Empool 1976-78 / 2018-present, Destroy All Monsters 1977-78, Nonfiction 1982-85, GKW 1982-94 / 2015-16, Dirty Old Man River 1997-2000, Ben Miller / Solo Multiphonic Guitar 2000-present, Third Border 2003-2010, recorded in Glenn Branca’s 100-Guitar Orchestra for Symphony #13/#15: 2004/2006, toured with The Glenn Branca Ensemble 2011-13, provided Live Sound Design for Anne Carson’s NOX 2010-12, performed in Franck Vigroux’s Ruines 2015-17. Collaboration in duo settings as Ganglion with percussionist Matt Weston, Exophilia with hyperpianist Denman Maroney, M2 with prepared pianist Roger Miller and Transistor with electronic musician Franck Vigroux. Sound Design for poets Anne Carson, Carol Novack, and Hum.; Youtube

Ben Wright

Ben plays double bass. He cut his teeth in Philadelphia punk rock, and has since been working the double bass for 30 odd years, bolstered by intense spats of incidental formal training. A lover of the lowest frequencies, Ben has explored many disparate forms of music through the bass, yet always returns to the wellspring of improvisation. “I play music for the bliss of that instant when I lose consciousness of my surroundings, my instrument, and myself… there is only music. That is the crux where spontaneous creation between performers and audience is conceived.” (Taos NM)

Betty Wang


Birgit Goldbourne

Artist, musician, children’s book author, paper engineering, drawings and objects, organizer of a monthly open stage for improvised music and sound concepts in Kassel, Germany. Her main love: performing and jamming with a focus on improvisation and new music. (Kassel DE)

Bob Familiar

Electronic music composer and performer. (Boston MA) Bandcamp

Bob Hubbard

…has been creating his own niche in the jazz scene with “out of the box” thinking and creativity. Bob is originally from Central NY and received his first drum kit when he was four years old. He started his professional career at the age of 16, traveling the US as a touring drummer for several music projects. Hubbarb’s main focus is jazz and creative variants have found him working continuously with some of the heaviest hitters in creative/free jazz. More recently, he has recorded music with Eric Mingus, song of icon Charles Mingus, and is finishing a colo CD of drum compositions and improvisations titled “Indians of Steel”. ReverbNation

Bonnie Kane

Her solo and group works traverse the genres of noise, free jazz and improvisation, psych rock, jam band, and bio-composition. She brought her “Fresh Sound Guarantee” to her first show at the Rochester Planetarium, performances at a Bosnian refugee camp, outdoor festivals, art spaces, rock, jazz, and punk clubs. She tours nationally and worldwide. A bandleader since the 1990s, with over 30 releases, those she has performed and recorded with include: John Spencer, Tatsuya Nakatani, Chris Forsyth, Kevin Shea, Shayna Dulberger, Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut, Blaise Siwula, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Chris Welcome, Federico Ughi, Walter Wright, Andrea Pensado, Chris Strunk, and John Loggia. New collaborations are continually evolving. (Holyoke MA), YouTube

Brad Henkle

Experimental trumpeter/composer/improviser living in Berlin. (Berlin DE); Discog

Brendan Landis / Hey Exit

Composer and performer based in Queens, NY. His work explores themes of animal folklore and symbolism, music as spiritual practice, and contrasting extremes presented as necessary opposites. In addition to recording and performing music, he gives workshops on listening, singing, improvisation, and intuition. He also writes songs as Receive and Anura, and sometimes plays in Tethers, Big Hiatus, and Esther Chlorine. (New York, NY) Bandcamp

Brian McCorkle

Composer, performer, and digital artist. (New York NY)

Bridget Venuti

Circuit bender and instrument designer. Vimeo, Discogs

Brittany Karlson

Bassist and vocalist who lives, works, and plays in Boston MA. Originally from Aurora IL. (Boston MA) Bandcamp: Letter Castle, Lungbasket;