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Performers listed alphabetically by first name.


Tamalyn Miller

Tamalyn Miller is a musician, poet and visual artist who blends archaic and ritualistic elements with contemporary conceptualism. Her work hovers at junctures: the threshold between spirit and materiality, or the emergence of meaning from transrationality. She is a founding member of the psychedelic folk band Goddess and the chamber ambient duo Spirit Radio. (Hudson Valley, NY)

Tara Toms

Tara Toms is a songwriter, vocalist, and performance artist in Harrisburg, PA. She fronts the band Weird Year and performs widely as a solo artist and/or collaborator on friends’ projects.
Tara hosts monthly free improvisation sessions in Harrisburg and helps out with XFest. She has previously coordinated diy events and festivals throughout the region.
Tara has been performing her own music or accompanying her friends’ projects in the mid-Atlantic region for 17 years. She has toured nationally both with her band and various noise and electronic projects. Her work is lyrically dense, often polyrhythmic, and thematically cyclical. Tara delivers emphatic vocal performances with vacillation between precise and unhinged control. Her music (and entire vibe tbh) has been aptly described as “long-winded proclamations of self-actualization; polyrhythmic chaos; and electrified, DIY Americana earworms. (Harrisburg PA)

Ted Lee

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Teresa Czepiel

Movement. (Exeter NH) Facebook

Thomas Watkiss/Landless

Thomas Watkiss is a multi-disciplinary artist perhaps most known for his experimental record releases. The recordings are paired with his photography and prints — giving the listener an intimate visual setting to the roaming ambient soundscapes. Since 2007, Thomas has released five full-length records starting with the Ancestor 7”. The e.p. was realized while working in Boston after a period of expatriation and described by Doug Mousrock of Dusted Magazine as “clinical performance aligns with a sense of darkness and mystery”. Thomas’ 2008 Ancestor – “Phase I: Silence” was met with critical acclaim and described as “Projecting an icy grandeur” by Steve Holtje for Dusty Wright’s Culture Catch and considered “rich in integrity” by Heathen Harvest. (Brooklyn NY)

TJ Borden

Hailed for his “technically polished playing” (Jan Jezioro, Artvoice) as well as his “astounding performances of superlatively difficult modernist solo works” (Edge of the Center), Tyler J. Borden is a rising force in the contemporary music landscape. Tyler has performed with the JACK Quartet, the Theater of Eternal Music Brass and String Band, the Slee Sinfonietta, Ensemble Offspring (Australia), and Tony Conrad.  He has performed at the Soundways New Music Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia), June in Buffalo, the New Media Art and Sound Summit (Austin TX), and he has been a participant at the Lucerne Festival Academy and the Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik. Tyler is a member of the [Switch~ Ensemble], and Mivos Quartet. (Philadelphia PA)

Todd Brunel

Todd Brunel is an American clarinetist who leads a dual life as a crossover classical and jazz musician. In the world premiere event, ‘From Requiem to Renewal’ at Boston College, “clarinetist Todd Brunel and pianist Synthia Sture played with tremendous virtuosity and heart.”[1] (Wikipedia) (Boston MA)

Tom Crean

Artist/Educator/Composer/Performer. (Shelburne Falls MA) Youtube

Tom Hall

Tom Hall (baritone & tenor saxophones & music educator) has been an active professional musician since his teens. In addition to his ongoing teaching and group performances, he is the author of, “Free Improvisation: A Practical Guide”, and is currently collaborating with April Hall on  a new book and video series called “Whole Life Arts”. (Boston MA)

Tom Hamilton

Composer/performer of experimental electronic music. Audio production designer & engineer. (New York NY) Soundcloud

Tom Miritello

I specialize in music production, equipment maintainence/repair and troubleshooting, and podcast audio, among many other things. I’ve also been playing music psuedo-professionally for roughly 7 years. Sound is a science that an art form has been developed out of. Everything I’ve done has been out of a love for both the science and the art in question. Please look through my works for contextualization and don’t be afraid to get in touch about anything. (New York NY)

Tom Law

Tom Law plays laptop-based electroacoustic improv, as well as renaissance/baroque music on bass viol. He currently resides in Saugerties, NY. He is the ex-chief executive head proprietor of the now-defunct Conundrum Music Hall in West Columbia SC. (Saugerties NY)

Tooky Kavanagh

With razor sharp wit and a charm once described as “ineffable,” Tooky (rhymes with cookie) Kavanagh speaks her mind with honesty, charisma, and edge. After just a few years on the scene, Tooky has already performed in New York, Denver, CO, and all over New England. (Boston, MA)

Torsten Zenas Burns

Artist and media arts educator currently living in Beijing, China.

Tracy Lisk

Tracy Lisk is a percussionist, painter, and curator who resides in Philadelphia, PA. Founder of improvisational duo (formerly trio & quartet) Wormhole Superette, and plays percussion in Rhizomas, a duo with Butoh dancer, Ryuzo Fukuhara. Ms. Lisk has studied percussion in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and performed as well as lead percussion ensembles in Philadelphia. (Philadelphia PA) Bandcamp; Facebook