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Performers listed alphabetically by first name.


Natali Garner

Norwegian musician and vocalist based in Oslo. Natali uses the voice as a starting point for new sounds, exploring the instruments range of expression. With band projects, ranging from improv to folk music to art pop, she has developed a distinct sound and a diverse way of using the voice both in front, and as a backing instrument.

With her main projects – Propan, Delish and Nåtiden – Natali has completed tours in USA, Europe, Australia, Scandinavia, Japan and Russia, as well as playing concerts in Norway at a frequent level. Natali manages her own projects and is part of the renowned vocal ensemble Trondheim Voices and is part of Susanna and the Brotherhood of our Lady, the latest project incited by the Norwegian singer and composer Susanna. (Oslo NO) Soundcloud

Natalia Steinbach

Natalia Steinbach aka WaterLynx is a singing-violinist, composer, and visual artist. Her music is classically influenced and experimentally driven, as well as experientially motivated. Her performances and songs are emotive and often dark but beautiful and usually involve some improvisation.. (Brooklyn NY) Bandcamp

Natalie Spehar

Natalie Spehar has made her mark as a genre-bending electric and acoustic cellist, writer, arranger and creative educator. (Brooklyn NY)

Nate Schieble

(Washington DC) Bandcamp

Nathaniel Brennan

I am currently active in 3 projects. SECTION 35, Obituary, and CRUUDEUCES (which is longtime collaboration with Seamus Williams.) I have toured several times since 2009. Stylistically I integrate elements of noise and found sound with free jazz, mostly prepared reeds (alto/ tenor saxophones and clarinet.) Creating tape loops, deconstructing field recordings and modifying electronics are what I’ve been up to with my most recent solo project, Obituary. I have run a cassette label called ghetto naturalist series (GNS) since 2009 focusing on a wide variety of experimental sound. (Greenfield MA)

Nebula and the Velvet Queen

Nebula and the Velvet Queen is a theremin player based in Bushwick, NY. She has been a regular on the New York improv scene for the last several years. (Bushwick NY) nebulaandthevelvetqueen

Neil Horsky

Neil Horsky is a Community Artist and Educator based in Boston. His work includes studio art, public art, music, video, tours, courses, workshops and writings. He employs the arts to encourage self expression in others, connect people to one another, and build solidarity. Horsky helps individuals and communities thrive by cultivating creativity, imagination and critical thinking, and by inspiring the personal and collective will to enact change. (Roxbury MA)

Neil Young Cloaca

That guy from Fat Worm of Error. (Turners Falls MA) Facebook

Nick Bohun/Exterminator!

Musician and sound engineer working working in the film industry…. (Peekskill NY) Bandcamp

Nick Bowers

Derealized sample, synth-loop and vocoder based bubblegum hyper-grunge soundscapes / psychedelic thrash-point collages exploring themes of internet addiction, ecoanxiety, absurdism, technological warfare, and hyperreality. (Derby CT) Bandcamp

Nick Colella

Guitarist in Sinbusters. (San Francisco CA)

Nick Dentico

Sound artist / Baker / Father. Cassette sorter at Histamine Tapes. (Portland ME) Bandcamp


Drummah for Big Mess and others. (Medford MA)

Nick Rocco

(Danvers MA) Facebook

Nick Serrembana

“Serrambana, who began playing the upright bass during his senior year of high school, said that he studies jazz from a the point of view of a listener and an academic, rather than from the perspective of a performer.” – Yale News (New Haven CT) Bandcamp

Nico Tracy/Josh Tracy

I like noise. I like other sounds too. I want to perform with other people. I’m not a big deal. (Dudley MA) Bandcamp: Angelsbreath, Scrape Tenshi, Toxic Mega Colon

Nicole Bindler

Nicole Bindler is a body-based performing artist whose work is inspired by her training in new dance, dance-theater, contact improvisation, butoh, Body-Mind Centering®, yoga, and Feldenkrais. Her performance work and teaching have been presented at festivals and intensives throughout the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Europe, and in Tokyo, Beirut, Bethlehem, Mexico City, and Quito. She has been presented by High Zero Festival, Transmodern Age Festival, Shawinigan Street Theater Festival, FringeArts (formerly Philadelphia Live Arts Festival,) D.C. Improvisation Festival, The Kennedy Center, Danspace Project, Links Hall, Performance Mix Festival, Earthdance’s Moving Arts Lab, Cultivate, nEW Festival, X Fest, Bowerbird & ThirdBird, CEC New Edge mix, First Person Arts, and Irtijal09’. (Philadelphia PA)

Nikola Ragusa

Nikola has played around the world including Japan, USA, Germany and many areas across Canada. His debut solo album in 2010 “Flutes are Jumping” can be heard online on Itunes and has received airplay around the world. He is the founder of the Ecouter Ensemble a new music and popular musics group, which began in Summer 2012. The group has commissioned over a dozen works and are constantly working on new originals themselves. Nikola has played in several city symphonies throughout his career in Montrèal, Quebec (Musicians of the World Orchestra) and Lansing, Michigan (Lansing Symphony). In 2010 he directed a Chamber Orchestra and programmed an arrangement of Peter and the Wolf. He also conducted the pieces of Charles Ives (the Unanswered Question) and J.S. Bach Suite in B Minor in two concert programs for “Classical Revolution Montreal” in October 2010. Between 2010-2012 he has performed in many engagements including movie soundtracks for major Canadian Documentaries, jingles, commercials and others. (Montreal QC)

Noell Dorsey

Microtonal voice. (Somerville MA) Interview; Bandcamp; Instagram